It’s a common question for a student to hear from his or her parents…WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN LIFE??

I got the same situation too….

I wanted to become a well known doctor.Everybody was happy with my choice.When I went to Class IX,I realized Maths and Science Is not for me.I cannot understand anything.

So I got curious to become a social worker.

Again when I went to class XI- the Psychology subject came in my hand and I grew to like the subject very much. I decided to pursue psychology in graduation and to become clinical psychologist.

I completed class XII, started exploring for the best college.I got admission to a very reputed college but the problem is there is no psychology department.

So I choose to specialize on English which was my second option.

I grew to like it more but my aim to become something is landed into some bushes of confusion.It keeps on changing.Sometimes I want to become an editor, sometimes a writer and the war of pursuing my goal is still on.


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