I was aware of the word ‘feminism’which meant to be gender equality giving equal rights to women.

Oxford Dictionary explains feminism as-” the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”.But does all mean it same?

It has been found that many does not like this word as they think that feminism means hating- men or superiority over men which is truly a misconception.

Feminism starts when it questions on inequality or inferior look towards women.It has been seen or proved that women has been put down by men thinking women are capable of not doing anything regardless of cooking, making home.

The wave of industrialization have changed a layer of this patriarchial mindset amd women started to grow up in every fields and becoming self-independent.

Feminism starts from the very beginning of Independence in India against British where women come out of their way to fight to get liberated.There evolved the hope of real mirror of magic of women.Then why not now???

The word ‘feminism’ should not be misunderstood or misjudged by anybody as it only mean to get equal rights.But it should not happen that while voicing for women,we tend to disgrace men.If we only starts empowering women groups then it would lead to disempower men.

In many areas,men are victimised,abused or systematically victimised by laws that have been made for the protection on women. There are so many cases where men are trapped by false dowry and rape cases which lead to suicide .Even if they start to fight against it ,they lose the fight because of the mindset of the people made them to believe women:a believer and men:a lier.

As per the information taken from (sources=youtube – a speech by Deepika Bhardwaj regarding “498(A) article that says “husband or relative of husband of a women subjecting her to cruelty  shall be punished with imprisonment”, has been misused.Many men even the small boys of 6-7 years old has been arrested under this act just because their name has been registered in the file without concerning about the fact that they had actually done something.The law was made with a good intention but after approximately 30 years,it has been most abused law in the history of Indian law”.

Emphasing on men’s equal rights cannot be called as anti – feminism or anti-women but it can be called an awarenes towards MENINISM.

Equal rights have been made for both genders.Respect each other and voice for both men and women.


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