It’s a common question for a student to hear from his or her parents…WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN LIFE?? I got the same situation too…. I wanted to become a well known doctor.Everybody was happy with my choice.When I went to Class IX,I realized Maths and Science Is not for me.I cannot understand […]


Tribute to our heroes..

I stopped and wondered….Ran back to the tent. Others were laying back-laughing, joking, drinking e.t.c. I stepped in, took a piece of paper and ran back to the cliff. Cold weather was blowing away making every inches of me cold and frizzy but I stayed admiring her with that blowing breeze. Strongly reminding about her- […]

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New journey to blog world

Its been a long time Iam searching every website to write blogs or to write something.I don’t have any guide to help me so I helped myself by installing wordpress.I have started my first journey with my blogs…Let’s see what innovative things I write.

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