Tribute to our heroes..

I stopped and wondered….Ran back to the tent. Others were laying back-laughing, joking, drinking e.t.c. I stepped in, took a piece of paper and ran back to the cliff.

Cold weather was blowing away making every inches of me cold and frizzy but I stayed admiring her with that blowing breeze.

Strongly reminding about her- the way she makes roti, the way she clips her bun, the way she scolds me and the way she loves me..

It comes to an end…


Admiration of my mother-by a sudden shriek..

Of what??

Of bomb…

Blasted everything in a second.Everybody was red on blood.I was half-blooded..

I frizzed there like a statue…with the shock that I got. As I stayed…

It flew away high up in the air.

And my hearts sinked down somewhere dip into the Pacific ocean.


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