To Live Or No

She called it love They called it lust She found it pure They found it disrespectful She agreed with disagreeable heart They found happiness She went through the path Where they want her to go She is not okay They told her it will be okay She dies everyday They doesn’t care She got a […]

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It’s a common question for a student to hear from his or her parents…WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN LIFE?? I got the same situation too…. I wanted to become a well known doctor.Everybody was happy with my choice.When I went to Class IX,I realized Maths and Science Is not for me.I cannot understand […]


Tribute to our heroes..

I stopped and wondered….Ran back to the tent. Others were laying back-laughing, joking, drinking e.t.c. I stepped in, took a piece of paper and ran back to the cliff. Cold weather was blowing away making every inches of me cold and frizzy but I stayed admiring her with that blowing breeze. Strongly reminding about her- […]

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New journey to blog world

Its been a long time Iam searching every website to write blogs or to write something.I don’t have any guide to help me so I helped myself by installing wordpress.I have started my first journey with my blogs…Let’s see what innovative things I write.

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